NaturalEast and NaturalEasts

NaturalEast – community, involved in a cultural process.

We try to induce formation of new perception and reproduction in a cultural space, creating alternative spaces among total unprincipled, excessed and kitsch.

Process’ the most important for us. We support the process of creating, realization and distribution of cultural product. All the time we follow, search and analyze contemporary processes and phenomena. We try to give a chance of opening a potential of each person through art: the viewer or artist we work with. More about us – in the manifesto.

So, what we do:
– Cultural management – we are engaged non-profit cultural projects. We are not interested in selling – searches and changes the most important for us. These two components are the foundation of our managerial activities.

– Booking – we don’t book in a typical way. All the bands we work with support our manifesto and have the same ideological and artistic criteria as NaturalEast.

– Organization – among all events we support, the least part we take in directed organization in the different cities.

– Fundraising – we don’t search sources of income, but sources for realization of projects.

– Promotion – promo what we make is a part of cultural product what created during our collaboration.

– Share experience – we are open to cooperate with and search people, who share our views  from all the Universe. We would like to share our experience of organizing, promoting and fundraising with people who want to be involved to one of our project. Details in – “cooperation” and “team”.


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