We live in a difficult out of focus era. It’s more difficult to recognize things that have sense. More difficult to find personally written letter among hundred of them, recognize something new, that have sense, philosophical meaning among numbers of cultural products and not wrapped in flamboyant packaging, but simply different.

Globalized media, general not specialized education, society of consumers, commerce, artificiality leaving less space for the new culture. Spiritual semi quickly and quietly invade consciousness and only natural is a salvation from faceless sleepy existence. Natural – is all what created by thinking person, regardless of genres and styles. Natural excite and induce but leaves the choice.

We want deeply cognize naturalness, search and study it with enthusiasm and researcher fervor. This expedition of creative, cultural, geographic areas. Our space, our environment – is east – east Europe, the Orient, Ukraine has not really opened and presented to the world. Origins, identity and self-awareness – it is our understanding east, we are immersed and penetrate in.

We are in constant search – new people, forms and circumstances. We believe that natural = experimental. But the experiment can only be thoroughly sensible. Experiment doesn’t mix old content to the new form, or vice versa. Experiment is the result of thorough work with the content and form at the same time.

We’re changing with our projects, not only plunging in the process of representation, but also the creation and research. We do not aim to change the world, society, or group of people. We’re changing ourself flipping through the slides for our research, discoveries and findings with you.

We are open to supporters, ideas, thoughts or suggestions and ready to surprise and wonder, to share and exchange – expose your hands.

Natural pushed to the periphery of the information space, so be prepared to search for the scenery and look into the scenes of the world of vibrant, hot, pulsating life and join the NaturalEast community!


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