DagaDana – ukrainian-polish project, surprisingly holistic mixes different languages, cultures and music styles. DagaDana boldly adds folk to jazz, drum & bass, electronics, thus creating a dreamy, gentle, thenim pulsively-violent music. Sincerity and spontaneity added ocarina, harmonics, childrenkalatushki, svitilki and toy musical instruments that the musician swilling to used uring the performance.

DagaDana concerts always full of emotion, because besides classical instruments (keyboards, electronics, bass) musicians use ordinary toys that add fabulousness while irony to everything that happens on stage. How amazing musicians contact with the audience – DagaDana throughout the concert in a special way, in their own language communicates with the audience.

DagaDana was formed after meeting Daga Gregorowicz from polish city Poznan and Dana Wynnycka from Lviv. Lately they add bass sound of Mikolaj Pospieszalski.

In 2008, the band released the first album «Wygadana», and the second «Malenka» (2011) received the prestigious Polish award «Frederyk». The latest album “Dlaczego nie” (2012) was also nominated for this award.

NaturalEast organized two tours for the band in 2011 and 2012 in Ukraine and Moldova.


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