Duo Longital – Daniel Salontay and Shina are experimental songwriters from Bratislava, Slovakia. Longital create vibrant and energetic music full of surprises and dynamic changes. Their lyrics reach in the deepest places of human soul and tell the stories of its travels in this world.  Male and female vocals interweave, guitar craft ranges from minimal patterns to sophisticated jazz improvisations, and all is supported by bass deeply played by bow.


Within 13 years of existence, Longital have been crossing borders of musical genres and their home country. The band has released 9 albums in Slovakia’s foremost indie label label Slnko Records and toured 12 countries in Europe, USA and Canada. Besides records and touring, Longital’s cinematic style has been discovered and used in numerous movies and theatre plays.

Teraz (2010), Gloria (2008), Vyprava/Voyage (2006), Sveta diely/Continents (2004)


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