NP [napszykłat]

Experimental band from Poznan «Napszykłat» always searches its own style. This is alternative hip-hop, noise, analog electro. The band has already recorded three albums, the last one – «Kultur Shock» – in 2011.

«Old dusty and dirty BMW with subwoofer humble in somewhere village on non-asfalt route filling the tank on “Las Vegas” gas station and heading somewhere east… Every track gives You a clash between loud western culture and undefined central and east Europe. Thats the culture shock. Humbling, synth buzzing, vinyl crack, field recording of non existing places sings and undefined hiphop verses», – critics write about their last album «Kultur shock» (2011).

The band from Poznan has already played concerts in Poland, Czech, Slovakia, German, France, Great Britain, and USA. During the concerts of “Napszykłat” always special atmosphere reigns, and their trance rhythms fascinate like huge and clear manufacture, where everything and everyone is on its place.

Robert Piernikowski (vocal, elektronics, drums)
Marek Karolczyk (beck-vocal, elektronics, drums)


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