Zapaska is electro-acoustic indie-pop duo, based in Ukraine. Two performers (Ianina Shpachynska and Pavlo Nechytajlo) create music with the help of traditional instruments and electronics. Influences of rock, hip-hop and folktronica may be traced in this music, which is generally based on Ukrainian melodic.

Since its appearance in 2009 Zapaska has recorded two EPs: Lanka (2010, self released), and Translitom (2011, XXX Waves).
The duo toured in Ukraine and abroad (autmn 2011, february 2012 – joint tour with Slovak duo Longital), and participated in many festivals (Bažant Pohoda 2012 (CZ), United Islands of Praha 2012 (CZ), Pohoda Indoor Camping 2011 (SK), Noc Kultury w Lublinie 2012 (PL), Europejski Stadion Kultury 2011 (PL), Art Pole 2012 (UA), Tramtamtydamtuda 2012 (CZ), Boskovice Music Festival 2012 (CZ), etc.

ZAPASKA is permanently changing, enriching its sound, and live performances of the duo often exceed expectations of the audience acquainted with the records. In spite of all changes, what remains stable in Zapaska is the crystalline authentic fusion.


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