Ukrainian duo “MavByDavBy” are going to their first polish tour. They start at 2.06 on big festival in Lublin “Noc Kultury” and during the week they will play in biggest polish cities.

MavByDavBy – project of two fellow artists and well-known musicians from Lviv – Marjan Pyrozok (Gych Orchestra) and Lubko Mariash (Burdon, Caci Vorba, Tatosh banda, Gych Orchestra).

MavByDavBy – it’s something what you can take if you want, but the opposite.

They got something to say and give to each other and want to share with their internal experiments. MavByDavBy make music and lyrics using many colorfull pieces: loop station, small synthesizers, clarinet, guitar, mandolin, tambourines, shouting, lauphing and joy.

02.06 Lublin, Noc Kultury – Klub Festiwalowy -01:00
03.06 Warsaw, ursynOFF – 20:30
05.06 Poznan, Pod Minoga – 20:00
07.06 Krakow (Nowa Hucia), Klub Kombinator – 18:30
07.06 Krakow, Cafe Szafe – 20:30
08.06 Sanok, PaniK – 20:00


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